GPS device will be used to assess the time taken to address complaints

Mangalore City Corporation will mount global positioning system (GPS) devices to all vehicles outsourced by it to monitor their movements and prevent misuse if any, according to its Commissioner Harish Kumar K.

As a first step in this regard, the corporation has fixed the devices on four vehicles of the electrical wing which had 24 vehicles outsourced for maintaining street lights and other electrical works. This move would particularly help to monitor whether the personnel of the electrical wing have attended to the complaint or not. The system will make sure that the complaints are attended to without any delay, the Commissioner told The Hindu.

Mr. Kumar said that the devices would help assess the duration taken for addressing each complaint and prevent the workers from sending compliance report without attending to the complaint.

He said the 24 vehicles in the electrical wing were spread across six packages (or zones) constituted for maintenance of street lights. The four vehicles fitted with the device were under package number three. They covered Derebail ward, Padavu West, Kadri Padavu, Derebail East, Derebail South, Derebail West, Derebail South-West, Boloor, Mannagudda, and Kambla wards.

He said the civic body recently re-invited bids for arranging 24 vehicles for use of officials and chairpersons of standing committees. This was in addition to 24 vehicles in the electrical wing. A condition in the bid was that the bidder who would be awarded the contract would have to fix GPS devices to all vehicles. It would help to trace the vehicles on the move or stationary.

Mr. Kumar said that in addition to the 48 vehicles, the civic body had 14 vehicles outsourced for maintaining sewage network, manholes, and pump houses. They would be fitted with GPS equipment.

If it was in engineering section, the GPS equipment would help in monitoring whether the engineers responsible for addressing specific problem had visited the spot or not, he said.

The Commissioner said the civic body had begun re-numbering all electrical poles ward-wise. Each electrical pole carried a number. People can refer this number while filing complaints.

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