All train schedules of the Konkan Railway Corporation Ltd. (KRCL) will revert to the summer timings from November 1. The KRCL changes the schedules during the rainy season – from June 10 to October 31 – to prevent accidents. The trains run slower during this period.

President of Railway Yatri Sangha,Udupi, R.L. Dias here on Monday, advised commuters to refer to the revised timetable to avoid confusion. He said that passengers need to take note that trains that start from their originating stations before midnight on October 31, will run according to the monsoon timetable, but trains that depart after midnight on November 1 from any station, but use Konkan Railway tracks, will run according to the timetable as existed on June 9. Hence, he has requested the commuters, particularly those travelling on the night of October 31 and November 1 to note the correct timings.


Commuters may refer to the All-India Railway Timetable – Trains At a Glance 2008-09, published and sold by Indian Railways, for relevant details that are available on pages 148 and 149 (or table number 26) and pages 150 and 151 (table number 26 A). Commuters may also refer to the All India Railway Timetable 2009-10 or the Konkan Railway Timetable leaflet.

Or they can seek information from authorities at the nearest railway station or enquiry counters, he said.

Mr. Dias said the changes schedule would be applicable only to two trains starting from Mangalore Central: Mangalore Central-

Lokamanya Tilak-Mangalore Central Matsagandha Express (2629-19) and the Mangalore-Verna-Mangalore Passenger.

The changes will be applicable to a majority of trains passing through Mangalore Central. The thumb rule is all trainings going towards or coming from Karwar or Goa will run at a different time, he said.

From Mangalore

The following are the trains which will run with pre-June 10 timings from Mangalore Central: the Nizamuddin-Ernakulam-Nizamuddin Mangala Lakshadweep Express (2618/17); the Chandigarh-Kochuveli-Chandigarh Kerala Samparka Kranti Express (2654/53); the Lokamanya Tilak-Trivandrum-Lokamanya Tilak Netravati Express (6345/46); the Lokamanya Tilak-Kodhuveli-Lokmanya Tilak Garib Rath Express (2201/02); the Bikaner-Trivandrum-Bikaner Express (6311/12); the Veravel-Trivandrum-Veravel Express (6333/34); the Gandhidham-Nagercoil-Gandhidham Express (6335/36); the Okha-Ernakulam-Okha Express (6337/6338), cancelled between Hapa and Okha during rainy season; Nizamuddin-Trivandrum-Nizamuddin Rajdhani Express (2432/31); Jaipur-Ernakulam-Jaipur Marusagar Express (2978/77); Pune-Ernakulam-Pune Poorna Express (1097/98); Amrutsar-Kochuveli-Amritsar (2482/83); Kochuveli-Dehradun-Kochuveli (2287/88).

The KRCL had decided to run the trains at slower slowly during rainy season after two tragedies on the line in which several people were killed.

The maximum train speed during the monsoon on the line is 75 kmph.

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