An appeal has been made to appoint a full-time executive officer to Durgaparameshwari temple at Kateel for its efficient administration.

In a letter to Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, a member of the local development committee of the temple Mukka Sridhara Shetty said that the government has been appointing an in-charge administrator to the temple for a long time.

The in-charge officers have not been able to address some issues relating to temple efficiently.

As some court cases relating to the temple were still pending, there was a need to address them. There was a need to widen the road in front of the temple. But as a court has stayed a notification to this effect there was a need to convince the court on the requirement of widening the road and request it to vacate the stay.

Mr. Shetty said that the Nandini river at Kateel has been polluted. There was a need to address this issue effectively.

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