Passing decrees after convincing the litigants who nursed hard feelings towards each other was an uphill task at the Mega Lok Adalat, which took up some 100 cases for settlement in the district court premises on Saturday. But in the end, some were able to put their differences aside to agree to close their cases, though they took time to shake hands.

Among the 100 cases taken up included money disputes, dishonouring of cheques, matrimonial disputes and motor vehicle accident claims. The event was part of the State-wide campaign by the Karnataka Legal Services Authority for the use of alternative dispute resolution mechanism in resolving cases.

The first among the settlements was reached between the septuagenarian Sringeri Pundalik Pai and his tenant Somashekar. “We had enough of the legal battle and wanted to close the case,” said the relative of Mr. Pai, who accompanied the 70-year-old. They offered to pay a compensation of Rs. 50,000 to Mr. Somashekar, who agreed to vacate the house in the next three months.

Settlement was not easy in a matrimonial case of a couple belonging to two different castes. While the 25-year-old woman had filed criminal case seeking maintenance, her husband had filed a case seeking divorce. The third Judicial Magistrate First Class had a long discussion where the woman expressed her readiness to live with her husband but wanted her husband to treat her ailing mother well.

A good number cases of non-payment of loans were also settled. The private banks offered to wave off interest component and also legal charges of pending loan.

There was nearly 90-minute delay in starting the Mega Lok Adalat as the judges who were to start the proceedings, had to stay back to view the Mega Lok Adalat programme at the Karnataka High Court through video conferencing.

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