Being the new kid isn’t easy, especially when you're trying to fit in as much as you’re trying to stand out. Lizane D’souza, St Aloysius College, said, “Fresher’s parties are so important because they make you feel at ease since it’s a new environment. Unfortunately most departments don’t have them and the usual orientation just scares and bores you to death”.

The departments that do conduct such events do so with the help of the student community.

Benzita Ferrao, St. Agnes College, says, “The college cabinet conducts games and events for freshers. Last year we had a treasure hunt, which was a fun way to get to know the campus. We also had competitions such as ‘Fresh Face’, quiz, and stress interviews.”

Karthik Prabhu, Mangalore University says, “Our lecturers don’t supervise and we’re allowed to make noise - that’s why it’s a lot of fun.” Macnell Pinto, Manipal institute of Technology said, “Posters will be put up in and around campus. At the party, freshers will be made to introduce themselves in their mother tongue and NRI’s have to introduce themselves in Hindi. It’s hilarious watching people struggle to do it.”

For Vismitha Yeshwanth, Besant Women’s College, it was a fun time to bond with her classmates. “Every first-year class has two weeks to come up with a 20-minute entertainment program. Last year they had an awards ceremony for them”, she said.

But some colleges don't have fresher's parties for a variety of reasons .Aishwarya Riya, SDM College says, “Those parties have been stopped because earlier they were conducted in pubs and the principal was against it. So now, there is only an orientation program”.

A student of Canara College said, “We have never had fresher’s parties, just boring orientation programmes.”

Since fresher’s parties are conducted on the college campus, they are held under the supervision of teachers. When asked how they would conduct it if given absolute freedom, Ashton D’souza, St Aloysius College said: “Food, music, drinks. We don’t want to set a bad example for our juniors.”

Whether it’s in a tiny classroom or in a large hall, fiercely supervised or freely unsupervised, a get-together for freshers and their seniors is something all students look forward to.

Aruna Kamath, principal, SDM College of Business Management said, “We haven’t seen any need for “fresher’s parties”.

In our presence, senior students conduct a programme where they show the activities of the college to the newcomers. There is also an orientation programme by the teachers,” she said.