Padma Subrahmanyam conferred ‘Nritya Kalatapaswini’ title

Bharatanatyam legend Padma Subrahmanyam of Chennai was presented with the title “Nritya Kalatapaswini” by the city-based Sridevi Nritya Kendra run by Jayalakshmi Alva here on Thursday evening. This was to mark the year-long celebrations as part of the 80 birthday of Ms. Alva.

Highlighting the “insightful” experiments of Ms. Subrahmanyam, the citation given to her on the occasion said it was given in recognition of the innovative transformations she introduced in Bharatanayam.

Ms. Alva presented her with a shawl, a basket of fruits, and a memento besides a cash prize.

Replying to the felicitation, Ms. Subrahmanyam offered to perform in Mangalore as part of the year-long celebrations.

“Do not distance me from this having given this award. Call me,

“I will come and perform,” she urged the organisers recalling that this was the 60 year of her stage performances.

She said Ms. Alva was an embodiment of virtues unlike many performers and teachers who were only good on stage but would disappoint you if you came close to them due to lack of “satva” (essence) in them.

She recalled that Ms. Alva had performed as Bhama in the kriti Krishnatulabhara, composed by their common guru K.N. Dandayudhpani Pillai and choreographed by her (Ms. Subrahmanyam’s) mother Meenakshi.

She said she would take the award as a blessing of Ms. Alva and that of Mangaloreans who she said were blessed people surrounded as they were by bountiful nature and divine elements of Durgaparameshwari of Kateel and Mookambike of Kollur which gave them a “tejas” (brightness, saint-like appeal).

She said she would like to be reborn in Mangalore if there was another janma (reincarnation) for her. “I am jealous of you,” she said of Mangaloreans.

Ms. Alva’s daughter Arati Shetty announced that a programme would be held every month inviting an artiste of eminence each time as part of the celebrations.

She and her cousin Kshama Rao were among those who performed on the occasion.

The function was inaugurated by Asranna, chief priest of Kateel temple.

Those present included the former Vice-Chancellor of Manipal Academy of Higher Education B.M. Hegde, and M. Mohan Alva of Alva’s Education Foundation.