Minister of State for Youth Affairs, Sports and Fisheries K. Abhayachandra Jain admitted here on Tuesday that he lost his cool before protesters at Mulki on Monday and said that he would retort back if anybody abused him and his Congress party.

At a meet the press at Partrika Bhawan Mr. Jain said that he would not change his conduct.

He said that he lost his cool at Mulki as some persons spoke ill against him, his Chief Minister and the party. “I am not the person who will sit silent and hear such abuses. I have retorted in the same manner.” He denied that he held the collar of an autorickshaw driver, who was among the protestors.

Mr. Jain said he was not willing to take any memorandum from autorickshaw drivers and other citizens protesting demanding repair of Charantipet road. “It was an agitation by the Bharatiya Janata Party. I did not want to go there as I expected slogans against me and my party, which would make me boil. But media persons forced me to go there.” he said.

The minister said people were agitating over repair of 150 meter stretch of the road. “Materials required for filling potholes had come on Monday morning. I had assured of starting the work immediately. I even received their memorandum. But they started shouting slogans. I got irked. I only raised my voice to ask a protestor to repeat the slogan he said,” the Minister said.

Mr. Jain said people have every right to question him if he does not do any work. He said repair of roads in his constituency has been his priority. “I cannot tolerate comments made despite doing work. This is how I am and I will not change,” he said.


Jain ‘loses his cool’December 31, 2013

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