A large number of people witnessed the procession of Sri Krishna Leelotsava or “Vittal Pindi” festival on Car Street here on Sunday.

The official procession of Paryaya Sode Math began at 3 p.m. from the entrance of Sri Krishna Math/Temple. A clay idol (“utsava murthy”) of Lord Krishna was placed atop the golden chariot (ratha) and taken around Car Street.

The idols of Lord Ananteshwara and Lord Chandramouleshwara were carried in “Pushpaka ratha” ahead of the golden chariot. Vishwavallabha Tirtha Swamiji of Paryaya Sode Math and Vidyasagara Tirtha Swamiji of Krishnapur Math led the procession.

There were 12 wooden “gopuras” on which earthen pots containing milk and milk products were hung. When the procession reached near a “gopura”, devotees dressed as “yadavas” tried to break the earthen pots with long sticks. Every time, the earthen pots were broken, there was a loud cheer among the people gathered around. This process was repeated at all the “gopuras”.

The “Vittal Pindi” procession culminated at the entrance of Sri Krishna Math after two hours. Then the clay idol of Lord Krishna was removed from the golden chariot and taken to “Madhwa Sarovara”, where it was immersed.

Performance by “Huli Vesha” artistes was yet another attraction of the procession. The controversy over the “Vittal Pindi” procession had no impact on the large number of people, who poured on to Car Street. There were two stages where “Huli Vesha” and other folk teams entertained the people.

There was also a colourful dragon-like figure which went around Car Street during the procession. People enjoyed participating in the procession.

Even after the procession culminated, many people kept coming to the Car Street in droves to visit the Sri Krishna Math.

Besides this, members of Suryodaya Krida Mandal from Mumbai enacted “Govinda Ala Re” programme, where they formed a human pyramid and broke the earthen pots.

The programme, which was inaugurated in front of Hotel Kediyoor, attracted a lot of people.

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