For the second time after seven months, the Karnataka Development Programme Review Committee at its meeting here on Monday passed a resolution stating that local bodies should issue temporary door numbers to houses of poor people built on encroached government land.

The committee at its November 27, 2010, meeting passed the same resolution. Following this, the then Deputy Commissioner Subodh Yadav, in his April 28, 2011, letter to the government, objected to the resolution stating that it would encourage more encroachments on government land.


Minister in-charge of Dakshina Kannada J. Krishna Palemar, who presided over the meeting here on Monday, said that issuing door numbers would help poor people avail themselves of government facilities.

Other elected representatives such as N. Yogish Bhat and K. Abhayachandra, and chairpersons of standing committees of the Dakshina Kannada Zilla Panchayat supported Mr. Palemar.

The Minister said that temporary door numbers should not be issued to houses built on encroached forestland and roads.


The meeting resolved to review its resolution passed on Monday if the Government objected to it.

Mr. Yadav wrote to the Principal Secretary, Revenue Department, that the resolution violated the spirit of Section 94 (3), 192 (A) and (B) of the Karnataka Land Revenue Act, 1964.

The letter said once door numbers were issued to such houses, rich people would purchase them through agreement or executing the deed of general power of attorney (GPA) and would build resorts or bungalows.

Mr. Yadav had written that if the government officials resorted to eviction, they would obtain stay orders by highlighting the door numbers issued to them. The letter stated that there were instances of some rich people constructing bungalows with in the jurisdiction of the coastal regulatory zone (CRZ) at Permannur and Sasihitulu in Mangalore taluk. When the district administration took steps to evict them, they brought stay orders by producing the door numbers issued.

If door numbers were to be issued, the Act should be amended on the lines of the Karnataka Land Revenue Act, 1964, Section 94 (C).

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