The case of the person from Assaigoli, Konaje, who died due to suspected dengue on Wednesday, has been handed over to B.V. Rajesh, Disease Surveillance Officer.

Ratnakar, Taluk Health Officer, Mangalore said the patient's NS1 test was positive, but the Elisa test was negative. He said the case “almost looks like dengue”, adding the patient visited her house in Karwar, where there are dengue cases.

The patient had slight fever when she came to Mangalore and was admitted to Father Muller Medical College Hospital (FMMCH). Her platelet count had reduced to 27,000 (normal is 2 lakh) and blood transfusion was done. Bleeding began and on Wednesday night, she collapsed and died. He said, “Falling platelet count implies dengue”. The patient also had diabetes.

Dr. Ratnakar said since the blood platelet count reduced, it must be dengue. “Dengue also presents itself in some cases with no fever but with vomiting, haemorrhage and low blood count,” he said.

He said the area where she lived was being fumigated and that Uma Devi, Lady Medical Officer, Primary Health Centre, Natekar, near Derlakatte, started health education there. Auxiliary nurse midwives and Accredited Social Health Activists workers have started source detection in the area.

Arun Kumar S.B., Dakshina Kannada District Vector Borne Disease Control Officer, said there had been two dengue deaths in the district confirmed through Elisa.

Of the five deaths, two dengue cases were confirmed through Elisa and three others, tested with NS, were “attributed to dengue but not confirmed”.

He said that as of Wednesday, there were 81 dengue-positive cases with Elisa from the government hospital and 87 dengue positive cases tested with Elisa in private hospitals.

Meanwhile, FMMC has said the death of the patient from Konaje was because of dengue. Richard Coelho, Administrator, FMMCH, said, “There was a dengue death from Karwar on Wednesday night.”

Dr. Rajesh and Dr. Ramakrishna, In-charge District Health Officer, said he would be able to confirm if the case was of dengue on Monday.

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