MCC tests patients with fever; Hegde says the notified area must be kept clean

With at least 10 cases of dengue being reported in as many days from Hoige Bazar, the Mangalore City Corporation (MCC) reached the area to hold a health camp on Tuesday.

The camp, organised in collaboration with Father Muller Medical College (FMMC) Hospital, tested patients with fever for dengue. Blood smears from 38 persons were collected by five health workers from the MCC.

Marimuthu, who works in the harbour, said she had a headache and pain in the legs. Kandan, a fisherman, who had just got the blood smear test, said he had fever and throat pain since Monday. Ashok, engaged in fishing, said he had fever and shivering since Monday and came to the camp after someone told him about it.

Ajith Hegde, MCC Commissioner, visited at least three spots with stagnating water near houses in Hoige Bazar. He said since the area came under the purview of the port, he would issue a notice immediately (the same day) to officials concerned and the Deputy Commissioner (DC) as it was notified area and must be kept clean.

Saurabh Kumar, Assistant Professor, Department of Community, FMMC, said the blood smear test would rule out malaria and dengue. Till the test results, the patients with fever were given paracetamol tablets.

If their blood smears said they had malaria or dengue, they would be directed to FMMC. “This camp will prevent complications of malaria and dengue,” he said.

Some persons at the camp said that the dengue was caused due to mosquitoes that were breeding in areas where fish were kept for drying. But doctors and MCC officials disagreed. Manjaiah Shetty, Health Officer, MCC said, “No, I don’t think it is correct. Areas with fish drying could get mosquitoes in the rainy season due to some water collecting but not in the current season. Krishna Kottary, health educator, FMMC, Community Medicine, said dry fish could be a source of flies but not of mosquitoes.

Dr. Shetty said the MCC was organising camps in collaboration with hospitals. Camps in Jeppu and Bunder are held with FMMC; in Kadri with K.S. Hegde Medical Academy (KSHEMA); in Shaktinagar with A.J. Hospital and Ladyhill with Kasturba Medical College (KMC). Next, it will be held in Bolar.

He said all 10 persons with dengue have been discharged from hospitals.

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