While a few people felt the increase in the price of milk and curds is inevitable as prices of other products have increased, some said this would lead to further increase in the household expenses.

The Nandini milk will cost Rs. 3 more from Sunday. While the cost of toned milk (with blue colour packet) will be Rs. 25 per litre, the homogenised milk (in green packet) will cost Rs. 28 per litre. The Shubam milk (in orange packet) will cost Rs. 15.50 for 500 ml packet.


“We have to bear with this increase as prices of other products have also increased,” said S. D' Souza, a resident of Bikarnakatte.

“We have got accustomed to increase in petrol and diesel prices. Similarly, we are getting used to increase in the milk price as it is a basic necessity,” he said.


Suresh S. Shetty, another resident of the area, sought to differ.

“Increase of Rs. 3 will only increase my expenses by Rs. 45 per month. This is a lot of sum for people like me who work in firms that do not increase salary every year,” said Mr. Shetty, who works in a security agency.

“This reduces the amount that I send to my family,” he said.

Not convinced

Mr. Shetty was not convinced about the reason cited for the hike in milk prices — increasing costs of farmers who are engaged in animal husbandry. “I belonged to a family of farmers. I have so far not seen benefits reaching the farmer. We will be happy to pay more if it helps farmers. But we have never been told as to how much money goes to the farmer,” he said.

M. Allan from Marnamikatta said the increase in the price of milk hardly mattered. “It's negligible. I do not have to think of it much,” he said. “I purchase milk once in two days as we need to have it at home,” he said.


N. Basavaraj from Kankanady on Saturday purchased an additional one litre.

“Look, I have made a savings of three rupees,” he said.

Mr. Basavaraj said the State Government should not have increased the price of milk by Rs. 3 at one go.

“This increase will make life harder for the daily wage workers,” he said.

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