Students react to the arrest of the accused on social media, a Facebook page that has become a popular forum among students to vent their anger against the Manipal gang-rape saw a flurry of posts after the arrest of two accused in the case on Thursday.

As soon as the news of arrest spread, Arun Shetty posted: “Wow, great news”, while Amitha R. Nayak reacts, “Finally…!” apparently a caustic reference to the delay.

“I hope the police will do justice to girl by punishing those criminals as severely as possible. Punishment should be able to spread fear among criminals who are still indulging in these kinds of heinous acts,” posted Saleen Javed.

Megha R. Krishnan wrote: “(The police) have to treat (the culprits) worst than they treated the gal (victim)...” Lokanath Reddy Mummadi posted demanding exemplary punishment. “Do something so that this should be the last rape in Manipal and no one should even dream of raping a girl.” There are also voices of disenchantment as reflected in Defeny Evangeline D’s post: “Rape has become an everyday issue and the rapists go unpunished”

Some bloggers also commented on the irony of the victim and the suspected rapists being treated at the same hospital. Noumaan Nasir asked, “He raped a Manipal student and now he is being treated in Manipal Hospital?” Manjushree Sonar added, “He raped a doctor and a doctor saved his life. Such irony…”

The police, who have been drawing flak for the delay in nabbing the culprits, came in for some appreciation. Rishabh Chandel said: “We should appreciate the work done by the police. It is no joke to catch criminals like these in a country like India. Well done.”

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