Tension shrouded Ullal area yet again because of a clash between two groups that threw stones at each other on Thursday night.

Police Commissioner T. Hithendra said the Mogaveerapatna residents got agitated hearing a rumour that a boat in Kotepura had been set on fire. Residents assembled and then started throwing stones at people in Ullal Kodi and Kotepura. Ullal Kodi and Kotepura residents also retorted.

Police had to cane people from the two sides to disperse the mob. Around 50 persons were taken into custody for the breach of prohibitory orders. Searches were being conducted in various houses where sharp weapons could be found.

Mr. Hithendra said inquiry was being made to know the source of the rumour.

Khader visit

Earlier, residents of Ullal Kodi gave vent to their ire when Health Minister U.T. Khader, who is also the local MLA, visited the area. The residents were agitated over questioning by police of few of their people.

Mr. Khader also visited the houses of Manish Kotian, Dharmavati and Praveen Salian who were assaulted in Mogaveerpatna.

A peace committee meeting was held at Ullal Police Station on Thursday evening that was chaired by Mr. Hithendra. Nearly 30 persons from Mogaveerapatna and Ullal Kodi took part in the meeting.

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