Chief Minister asks Billava leaders to build schools and hostels to uplift poor

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah told leaders of Billava community to build educational institutes and hostels on priority to educate children of economically weaker sections of the community.

Addressing a gathering at a function organised by Brahmashree Narayana Guru Seva Sangha at Bajpe, the Chief Minister said that being educated was the only way to get rid of exploitation.

There were some rich people among Billavas. They should come forward to build institutes of education and hostels for poor children to make them lead life with self-respect.

He said that social reformer Narayana Guru believed that education was the only weapon to end exploitation. He nowhere said that grand temples should be built and there should be grand festivities. Temples should be simple. Temples should have a park and a library.

Mr. Siddaramaiah said that caste system cannot be eradicated merely by preaching and speaking about secularism. Social and economic equality in society was the only way out.

There were vested interest groups in society which wanted caste system to continue and opposed any reforms. Backward castes should be wary of such groups.

He said that Narayana Guru never indulged in conflict with purohitashahi (priestly class) when he and like him backward classes were denied admission to temples. Instead he began a movement of establishing temples and appointing priests from among backward class people. He established 160 temples in Kerala. Thus he created awareness among backward class people of living with self-respect.

Quota for Brahmins

B. Janardhana Poojary, senior Congress leader, said that the poor among Brahmins should be given reservation. As no Chief Minister in the State had taken a step to this effect, he appealed to Mr. Siddaramaiah to announce reservation for poor Brahmins.

He said that bringing in a piece of legislation was not the solution to eradicate superstition in society but it could be achieved by creating awareness.

Mr. Poojary recalled that the Chief Minister had dared to visit the “jinxed” Chamrajnagar though it was believed that those visiting the town would lose power.

While Mr. Siddaramaiah inaugurated a gurumandira, Mr. Poojary threw open a community hall and Vinay Kumar Sorake, Minister for Urban Development, a dining hall – all built by the Sangha – at Bajpe on the occasion.

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