Jana Jaagrita Vedike president S.J Radhakrishna Alva has said that a committee, including the Deputy Commissioner, the Deputy Superintendent of Police, and the Additional Deputy Commissioner should be formed to look into the unauthorised manufacture and sale of arrack. The vedike is part of the Shree Kshethra Dharmasthala Rural Development Project.

Mr. Alva was speaking at a press meet held in the city on Tuesday to address issues of tackling bad habits (“Dushchatamukta”). Although the State government has taken a good step by banning arrack, it was being sold illegally. Both the production as well as the sale of arrack must be stopped, he said. People from cities should not start wine shops in rural areas. Individuals from economically backward families go to these bars and their families suffered, he said.

Another activity that should be reduced was cockfights, especially when they were organised for several hours. Those who indulged in such fights justified it as being a part of their culture. Such fights could be held for half an hour. But they should not be prolonged. Cockfights had been stopped completely in Dharmasthala, he said.

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