All the fishermen who were reported missing on Wednesday are safe and the missing boats have reached shore in Karnataka and Goa. One boat is reported to have reached Devgarh in Maharashtra.

More than 15 fishermen and eight fishing boats were reported missing off the Karnataka coast on Wednesday. The sea was calmer on Thursday. However, fishermen did not venture into the sea.

Coast Guard personnel on Thursday rescued five fishermen from their boat in middle of the Arabian Sea. With a failed engine, it had drifted for over 30 km towards Malpe.

According to Commandant Padam Shekhar Jha, Commander, Coast Guard, Karnataka, the fishermen were rescued 14 nautical miles off Malpe port in Udupi district.

A Coast Guard vessel sighted them with their boat, “Zena”, around 10.30 a.m. on Thursday. They were brought here in the evening.

Trawlers capsize

Two deep-sea trawlers and one gillnet boat from Udupi district capsized in rough sea conditions in the past two days. One deep-sea trawler and four gillnet boats were damaged. Suresh Kumar, Deputy Director, Department of Fisheries, told The Hindu on Thursday that two deep-sea trawlers from Malpe named “Suraksha” and “Shivashankar” capsized near Goa. One trawler from Malpe named “Rajeshwari” was partially damaged, he said.

Mr. Kumar said that one gillnet boat had capsized at Shiroor. Four gillnet boats were damaged at Uppunda and Madikal near Kundapur. One deep-sea trawler from Malpe, “Sujatha”, which was earlier reported missing, had been traced, Mr. Kumar said.

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