Mangalore University adopts cataloguing method

Mangalore University has adopted a method of systematically preserving old answer scripts. This has made finding the scripts from stocks easy , according to the Vice-Chancellor T.C. Shivashankara Murthy.

He told The Hindu that unlike in the past, students need not wait for days to get issues if any over marks or evaluation get settled. As the university has adopted the method of cataloguing and preserving old answer scripts, the university's officials can find them quickly.

Prof. Murthy said they were just being dumped in the stock room. Hence it took some days to search and find the old answer script if needed. The new method had been made applicable for the answer scripts of various examinations conducted in 2010-11.

The Vice-Chancellor said the university would preserve the answer script of a student only for two years. It was applicable from examinations conducted in 2010-11.

Hence the university would not preserve the scripts which were more than two years old. The Syndicate has taken a decision to this effect.

He said that now A forms (the forms on which evaluators entered marks of students) had been replaced with OMR sheets. Ledger books (having details of marks) had been replaced with computer-generated ledger sheets. The university would continue to preserve copies of the both.

The Vice-Chancellor said the university had prepared a gradation list of teachers who were qualified to evaluate answer scripts of undergraduate and postgraduate students.

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