Responding to the article ‘Dowry beats love in Melita’s marriage’ published in on April 8, Mark Sanctis and Lucy Sanctis, Melita D’Souza’s in-laws and named as accused in the police cases filed by her, said the charges levelled against the family were “baseless”.

They dismissed Ms. D’Souza’s claim that Rs. 5 lakh and 25 sovereign of gold jewellery was given as dowry by her family.

They claim that while Ms. Sanctis and her daughter Manisha Gloria were living in Bangalore, only Mark Sanctis lived in the house. “Since her father-in-law was alone at home, we felt it was not fair to invite her to stay with him. Melita has an intention of acquiring land of mother-in-law and she had tried to enter the house forcibly.

This compelled them to obtain a stay order stating not to enter the house from the court,” said a statement sent by the family.

The family also accuses Melita D’Souza of forging certificates to facilitate a dowry harassment complaint against the family.

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