After spending several years under uniforms students just want to live life young and free as they make it to the college.

Colin Miranda, from St. Aloysius College said, “This is the only time students can experiment and improve their sense of dressing. This also helps learn to dress smartly when they start work. A reasonable dress code gives you freedom along with responsibility. I think introducing uniform just kills innovation and individuality.”

But Eshana Kaveriappa, from Roshni Nilaya, does not have to bother about it as yet. “Our college isn’t very particular on wearing only salwars, so it isn’t an issue,” she says. Shravan Kumar, from Mangalore University, said, “We don’t have a specified dress code. Different departments are at the liberty to choose the dress,” he says. Shalom Aaron, from Manipal Institute of Communication, says the college does not prescribe a dress code. “Shorts and Bermudas are looked down upon. But there isn’t a problem as long as the cloth isn’t too revealing.”

Deepika Joellen, from St. Agnes College, does not have any problem with the dress code. “But I wish they would allow us to use our phones on the campus. I don’t mind switching it off while in class but a blanket ban is very inconvenient.” Ngukatoli Yeppo, from St. Aloysius College, says “We are allowed to wear kurtas and tops that are modest.”

A majority of degree colleges have recently introduced uniforms and the move has evoked a mixed response. Sherin Lasrado, from SDM college said, “We have to wear white on Mondays. And the rest of the days we have to wear pink and black. Saturday is the only day we have the freedom to wear other clothes. But even then, jeans aren’t allowed.” Sanjith Shenoy, from Canara College declares, "We have uniforms, and as a degree student it doesn’t make any sense to me.” Maithri Mohan, from Besant Women’s College, says “We have to wear uniform on the weekdays. Nobody likes it, but the college authorities’ reason that it is to make sure that there is equality on campus and we accept it.”

George Marko, from St. Aloysius College, believes uniform is okay as long as they don’t look stupid. “But I’d prefer different uniforms through the week so that we’ll not get bored.”

Aruna Kamath, Principal, SDM College of Business Management, explains the reason behind the move to introduce uniform.

“We initially had a uniform only for Monday. But we realised that students generally did not dress decently enough and hence we had to extend it to rest of the week.”