They fear that the powder is contaminating water bodies and the atmosphere.

Expert advice from Ahmedabad-based National Institute of Occupational Health may be sought in the resolution of the controversy over alleged dumping of endosulfan in Nettanige Mudnur village in Puttur taluk on Karnataka-Kerala border.

The District Administration has asked the State Health and Family Welfare Department to facilitate a detailed study by the NIOH of water bodies and ecology in the village where the Kerala government is alleged to have dumped endosulfan.

This follows the fears expressed by villagers and activists fighting in favour of endosulfan victims expressing concerns over alleged dumping endosulfan powder in an abandoned well at a plantation site in Kerala, which is two kilometres from Nettanige village.

They fear that the endusulfan powder is getting mixed with water and contaminating water bodies and the atmosphere.

Following media reports, activist and researcher Ravindranath Shanbhag visited the site and expressed concerns over alleged dumping of endosulfan said to have been done between 2005 and February 2013 by Plantation Corporation Kerala.

Dr. Shanbhag said 113 children in the village were physically disabled because of exposure to endosulfan. The corporation had denied the charge of dumping endosulfan.

Following the reports, Deputy Commissioner N. Prakash directed a tahsildar to visit the site.

“This site is in a 200-acre private plantation in Kerala and it is not associated with Plantation Corporation of Kerala,” said Puttur Assistant Commissioner Prasanna.

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