Interest of traditional fishermen should be protected, says association

The Malpe Purse Seine Boat Fishermen’s Association has criticised the statement of the Malpe Fishermen’s Deep Sea Trawl Boat Association that fishing by purse-seine boats were responsible for fish famine and destruction of fish progeny.

The figures

In a press release issued here, Gurudas Bangera, president of Malpe Purse Seine Boat Fishermen’s Association, said, “Though there were 780 deep-sea trawlers in Malpe fisheries harbour, how many of them belonged to Malpe zone? Besides, the 780 deep-sea trawlers employed 4,600 fishermen and had 250 owners. There were 106 purse seine boats in Malpe. They employed 4,500 fishermen and had 300 owners.”

The allegation that purse seine boats were using fishnets of 8 mm and destroying progeny of fish was totally false. Purse seine boats never used 8 mm fishnets. The Deep Sea Trawlers Association should withdraw its statement, failing which the Purse Seine Boats Association might be forced to launch an agitation.

‘False contention’

The contention of the Deep Sea Trawlers Association that they used mere 350 HP engine for fishing purpose and this did not destroy progeny of fishes was false.

It was a known fact that bull-trawling called by any other name, destroyed progeny of fishes and led to fish famine.

The Udupi MLA Pramod Madhwaraj had only done his duty in stating that the fact that the interests of the purse-seine boats and traditional fishermen should be protected, Mr. Bangera said.

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