The exhibition of Dasara Dolls of Nammavaru will be on till Saturday evening at the Nellikai Shri Raghavendra Swamy Math near the Flower Market at Car Street here.

Called Dasara Gombe in Old Mysore region, attractive figurines, usually made of clay, are displayed in a particular order on nine steps in many houses in Mysore region, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu during the “navaratri” festival. Nammavaru, an association of people from Old Mysore region, has been continuing this practice by organising the exhibition at the math for several years in Mangalore.

This time Nammavaru members have exhibited nearly 700 dolls that have been arranged in different sequences. The highlight of the show is the dolls found in the centre that had been arranged on nine steps. While the first step has “Pattada Bombe” (royal dolls) that are found in pairs, the other steps have dolls showing the Dasavatar (ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu), the Asta Lakshmi, the Krishna Leela, the Sita Swayamvara, and the Srinivasa Kalyana. The statuettes are arranged to show different food items including Dosa and Vade.

Nammararu members have recreated the scene of Raghavendra Swami Vrindavan in Mantralayam in Andhra Pradesh. They have arranged dolls to show Chamundi Betta, the agriculture activity and also a village scene. The dolls will be removed after a puja on Saturday evening.

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