With the following Sunday, the Yakshagana music reverberating in villages and towns around the coastal and Malnad belts will die down as many of the touring troupes will end their performances on Saturday night.

It is Tulu month’s “pattanaje day” on May 24. A majority of Yakshagana troupes affiliated to temples perform the last show of the touring season (December-May) on that day. They will wind up their tours after the Saturday’s overnight performance.

According to Paltady Ramakrishna Achar, former president, Karnataka Tulu Sahitya Academy “pattanaje day” will be the 10th day of Tulu second month “Besya” (May).

The 12 Tulu months start from Souramana Ugadi day (usually April 14). The first month is called “Paggu”.

He said Yakshagana troupes stopped performing from the 10th day of “Besya” as it was believed that it rained from that day onwards and the troupes could not pitch tents and erect stages in the latter days till Diwali.

He quoting a Tulu adage “pattanajeg patt pani barsa” which meant that it should at least drizzle ten drops on that day.

Ashok Shetty Sarapady, a well known Yakshagana artiste, said that there were at least 35 well known touring troupes.

For 180 days (six months) in a touring season those troupes performed at least 6,300 shows in a season.

Mr. Ashok, who started Durgaparameshwari Yakshagana Mandali exclusively to perform short-duration Tulu shows, said that his team performed about 77 shows in addition to some in Kannada. His team would continue to tour in the 2014-15 touring season, he said.

The artiste said that Yakshagana troupes of temples which performed “harake aata” (sponsored by devotees to fulfil their vows) compulsorily did not perform after “pattanaje”, while a few troupes in the recent years continued to perform till May end.

The Perdoor mela and Saligrama mela were the only two surviving ‘tent melas’ (which perform by erecting tents and collecting money from audience).

The other troupes performed ‘bayalata’ (sponsored by individuals or a group of yakshagana lovers who look after the expenses of an entire show).

Mr. Ashok said that in the rainy season some artistes form their own group and present shows in Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and some other parts of the country where people from the coastal belt lived in large number.

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