Clash after Kodigere team interfered with another match

Six persons were injured and five vehicles were damaged in a clash after a cricket match in Maradaguni near Surathkal on Sunday.

The police said the match was between the Maradaguni and the Shediguri teams in a ground in Prem Nagar near Maradaguni. Members of the team from Kodigere, who had won a previous match, were standing near the boundary.

The Maradaguni team members raised objection when the Kodigere team members stopped the ball well before the ball crossed the boundary line. Following a heated exchange, a few among the Maradaguni members reportedly hit Prajwal (18) and Somanath Shediguri (30), the supporters of Kodigere team. After this attack, the Kodigere team members came with a group of people and allegedly assaulted Ashraf (20), Sadiq (28), Ismail (20) and Riyaz (30). They damaged two motorcycles, a mini goods van, a van and a three-wheeler luggage vehicle, the police said.

Two injured persons have been admitted to a hospital in Surathakal, while three other victims were at a hospital in Falnir. Riyaz has not been admitted to the hospital.

Prajwal, a Karnataka Polytechnic student, said he was among the many from Kodigere watching the match. “The Maradaguni players were unhappy with stoppage of the ball within the boundary line. They hit me and also Somnath, who tired to intervene, with stumps.” Both have bursaries all over the body.

Ismail, a Maradaguni resident, said a big group of Kodigere residents came in different vehicles when he was sitting near his house in Maradaguni. They hit Ashraf and Sadiq. Sadiq was reportedly chased and was hit by a sharp weapon on his fingers. The group then damaged vehicles parked, Mr. Ismail said.

Surathkal police have registered complaints filed by the victims of the attack. Police Commissioner R. Hithendra visited the spot and made arrangements to increase the police presence in the area.

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