The Court of the II Additional Civil Judge (Senior Division), Mangalore, has passed an injunction permanently prohibiting the drying of fish in Kudru area in the Old Port here.

The order states that the State Government should “take action to prevent drying of fish in the area”.

The plaintiffs, Rathnakar Nayak and K. Prakash Rao, residents of Mangalore, had appealed to the court to issue a permanent injunction order banning the drying of fish and restraining the Government from permitting it.

There were 19 defendants in this case (number 277/2004).The plaintiffs had argued that a few people were using Kudru area to dry a large quantity of inedible fish during September and October. The dried fish was used in manufacturing fertilizer and other allied products.

They contended that fish being dried putrefied when mixed with rainwater giving off an unbearable stench. It polluted the air and made it difficult for people to breathe. The area was a breeding ground for flies swarming all over the city. It had emerged as a public nuisance and posed a health hazard, they stated.

Mr. Nayak, who is also the general secretary of Old Bunder Wholesale Kirana Merchants’ Association, released a copy of the court order to the press at a press conference here on Thursday. President of the association G.G. Mohandas Prabhu was present.

Mr. Nayak said that the court had given a pro-people verdict and hoped that the authorities would implement the same. Otherwise, the matter would be pursued further, he added.

Mr. Nayak said that the court had appointed a commissioner to inspect the spot, who had submitted a report.

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