Leader of the Opposition in the Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitely said in Mangalore on Saturday that the Union government “is unable to take the country into confidence as to how it intends to deal with the issue of Chinese intrusion 19 km inside the Indian territory.”

Addressing presspersons he said that India had a disturbed neighbourhood all over. The country was not been taken seriously. Let alone Pakistan and China, “even Maldives does not take us seriously. That is why I say all that the UPA government is doing is the management of the decline”. Pakistan, despite warnings, had been continuing with provocative actions. “We have still not forgotten beheading of Indian soldiers. One of our citizens (Sarabjit Singh), who is prisoner in Pakistani jail, is critically wounded.” Except expressing regret, “we find no other response from the State”. The UPA government was struggling in management of decline, he said.

Mr. Jaitely said majority of Joint Parliamentary Committee members were of a different view on the spectrum scam.

But the draft of the report of the committee covers up the scam. He alleged that the UPA has been indulging in corruption and was then covering it up.

The coal block allocation scam, Mr. Jaitely said, was continuing to stare at the UPA’s face.

The Prime Minister’s Office and Home Minister’s office were interfering in the investigation by the Central Bureau of Investigation into the scandal. Mr. Jaitely regretted the Law Minister getting access to the CBI’s report on the scandal.

UPA government’s interference, Mr. Jaitely said, was “clear case of immoral policing”. “First you do corruption and then interfere with the CBI so that it is unable to unearth it.”

Later at another event organised by Citizens Council, Mr. Jaitely expressed the need to nip at the bud extremist forces coming out in the guise of political parties. “This has emerged in Hyderabad and in Mumbai.” Such extremist forces are capable of politicising the polity and “deflect from the national goals”.

People should reject such parties and not allow them to grow. Expressing the need to improved quality of governance, Mr. Jaitely said there should be quality in people in political field. “India needs men of stature,” he said, and added that such persons cannot be born in one family. The country cannot become dynastic democracy. Mr. Jaitely said the myth of family should be shattered to find good leaders.

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