The roads to be ready by May next year

To ease road congestion and facilitate smoother movement of traffic, five major roads in Udupi city would be either widened or upgraded.

The Udupi City Municipal Council (CMC) will undertake this road development under the Nagarothana Second Phase Funds at an estimated total cost of Rs. 13 crore.

Presently there is a two-lane road from Syndicate Circle to the District Offices Complex in Manipal. This is an important road as the District Offices Complex houses the Deputy Commissioner’s Office, the Zilla Panchayat and nearly 40 government departments.

According to CMC Commissioner Gokuldas Nayak, this road would be widened into a four-lane road with dividers, footpath and storm water drains.

The Gundibail-Tangadagadi Road, which was presently two-lane, would be widened into a four-lane road with footpaths, storm water drains and road dividers. This road would help those coming from Uttara Kannada district to enter Udupi directly and reduce the traffic on NH 66.

“Both the Syndicate Circle-District Offices Complex Road and the Gundibail-Tangadagadi Road will be developed at a cost of Rs. 5 crore each,” Mr. Nayak said.

The Thottam-Vadabhandeshwara Road would be concreted at a cost of Rs. 1 crore. This road was getting damaged frequently due to water logging during monsoon, Mr. Nayak said.

The Manchi-Indralli Road would be widened into a two-lane road, helping to reduce the time taken by the vehicles to reach Udupi from Alevoor by five to eight minutes.

The Adiudupi-Kodavoor Road too would be widened into a two-lane road. The cost of widening both these roads was estimated at Rs. 1 crore each.

“The widening or upgradation of these five roads would be taken up after the monsoon season. These roads are expected to be ready by May next year,” Mr. Nayak said.

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