No incidents of moral policing reported

Despite the “warnings” against the observance of Valentine’s Day by the city unit of Bajrang Dal, there were no reported cases of moral policing on Thursday.

Though pubs and bars refrained from organising special events – with many bar owners telling The Hindu that the investment for a party was not worth the risk – Kadri Park and other places teemed with activity as usual.

Many couples at Kadri Park on Thursday said there was little chance the right-wing activists could indulge in moral policing at the park as “the walkers and joggers who frequent there could easily avert any sort of assault”. They said their confidence was bolstered by the presence of three policemen near the park.

In Manipal, “Rubix Cube” that first planned “Walk out, dance, rise up and demand” at pubs as a mark of protest against violence against women, later called off the programme after the pubs and bars advised them against it.


Meanwhile, taking up cudgels against the celebration of Valentine’s Day, members of the Bajrang Dal gathered in front of Besant College in the city and burnt greeting cards marking the day.

Bajrang Dal leader Puneeth Pumpwell said the protest was part of a State-wide protest against the “western influence that was spoiling Indian culture.”

He said that group members were asked to refrain from violence. “We had asked them to report to the police if any immoral activity was observed. So far, we have not seen anything amiss in the city. Pubs are not holding DJ [Disc Jockey] parties, and no other parties are scheduled in the city. I feel our objective has been accomplished,” he said.

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