Dozens of children cared for at orphanages celebrated Christmas by performing skits, dances and songs for each other and playing games organised for them here on Sunday evening.

Organised by Fatima Retreat House every year with the help of donations from various people, nearly 100 children from five orphanages were distributed sweets and were given an opportunity to play games by the organisers. One group of children performed a skit about the birth of Jesus Christ. A scene showing an alcoholic man beating his wife and daughter drew laughter from the children as the girl playing the role of the alcoholic husband held an empty plastic bottle in her hand and swayed in an exaggerated manner.

Another portion of the skit that delighted the children was when an angel came to two shepherds and told them about Jesus' birth. The two shepherds, a white towel tied around their heads, stood with sticks in their hand near two black boulders. After the shepherds left the scene, two children who had covered themselves with black cloth and pretended to be boulders also stood up and ran off the stage, shawl trailing behind them, drawing delighted laughter from the young audience.

However, a group of girls performed a dance with waning enthusiasm as the music recording was harsh and incomprehensible, causing the children to let their attention wander elsewhere. Soon after, the organisers divided the children into groups and the games began, much to the excitement of the children.

For many Christians, December is when scattered family members gather to celebrate the birthday of Jesus. Various churches organise fairs on the church premises, and which is attended by even non-Christian local people, who also enjoy themselves by playing games and having snacks at food stalls.