With the BJP “sure to come” to power, it would be “prudent” for the Christian community to support the ruling party, said the former MLA Derrick M.B. Fullinfaw — nominated by the BJP government through the Anglo-Indian reserved seat — here on Saturday.

Having arrived in the district to campaign for the BJP candidate Nalin Kumar Kateel, Mr. Fullinfaw requested to the community – which he said has been traditionally voting for other parties – to support the party that would most like come to power. “If they (Christian community) stay away from the sun, they will shiver in the cold,” he said rather cryptically at a press conference at the BJP office. The ex-MLA said that the so-called “secular” parties did little for the community.

Church attacks

However, he did believe that while the Anglo-Indian community in Bangalore supported the BJP, the community here was still smarting from the attacks on numerous churches during the time of the BJP-led State government. “It is not a big issue. No one has died here. During the BJP rule, no one died in the State, whereas, in Uttar Pradesh so many minorities have died in refugee camps,” he said.

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