Mangalore MLA U.T. Khader said here on Monday that bickering in the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) showed that the party had no concern for the people and administration.

He told presspersons that people in the State were regretting for having voted the BJP to power. Mr. Khader said the BJP leaders were busy discussing who should present the State budget rather than how the budget should be.

He said that it was not important who would read out the budget. The vision of the budget was important for people. The MLA said that people in many parts of the State were facing drinking water problem. The poor were yet to get housing sites and title deeds of lands.

There was confusion regarding issuing ration cards. Instead of addressing people's problems, the BJP leaders were busy debating on which leader should hold on to the power. Mr. Khader said the high command of the BJP too had failed in resolving the crisis in the State unit of the party.

The high command had failed to announce a clear stand.

He said that people in the State were confused whether the State Budget would be passed in the Assembly or not. It was due to the differences within the BJP.

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