Animal Husbandry Minister Revu Naik Belamagi has said that the outbreak of bird flu at the Central Poultry Development Organisation (CPDO) at Hesaraghatta near Bangalore has not spread to other parts of the State.


“Incidents of bird flu are limited to turkeys and no other species on the campus or elsewhere in the State has shown signs of avian influenza,” he told The Hindu here on Sunday.


Mr. Belamagi said there was no proposal to extend the ban on the sale of chicken and eggs and the direction to eateries not to serve cooked chicken and eggs, which was in force within a 10-km radius of the CPDO.

He said the State government was keeping a vigil on all the farms and precautionary steps were being taken against the spread of the disease.

Mr. Belamagi said there were no reports of the virus affecting human beings in the State.

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