Karnataka State Backward Classes Awareness Forum is protesting against the practice at Kukke Subramanya temple

With the “inhuman” practice of made snana – rolling over plantain leaves containing leftovers of the lunch served to Brahmins – scheduled to continue at the Kukke Subramanya Temple from December 7, Karnataka State Backward Classes Awareness Forum president K.S. Shivaram said on Wednesday that they have launched a series of protests calling for its ban.

He expressed disappointment with the government for not banning made snana and pankthi bheda, discrimination based on caste while serving food. “Both Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and the Legislative Council leader Motamma led agitations against the discriminatory practices. Now that they are in power, they should ensure these practices are banned.”

During a fact-finding trip to Kukke Subramanya conducted by his organisation in 2011, he was assaulted by devotees.

He rued that the proposed anti-superstition bill was being met with opposition. “There is a lot of misinformation circulating around. Most of those who oppose the bill haven’t even read it. It is necessary to pass this bill as it will remove unpleasant and inhumane elements of Hindu religion,” said Mr. Shivaram.

Among the rumours being spread was the ban in taking schoolchildren to temples or certain ‘harmless’ rituals.

On December 7, the organisation, with the support of Dalit groups and progressive seers such as Revansiddeshwara Math, Nayakarahatti Math in Chitradurga, among others, will join in a one-day hunger strike in front of Deputy Commissioner’s Office here. Meanwhile, protests involving more than 50 maths would occur at Bangalore in order to put pressure on the government to stop the practice, Mr. Shivaram said.

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