Its new building is more spacious and has better facilities

Members of Babugudda Public Library are now a happy lot as the newly constructed building, which was inaugurated on July 25, is more spacious and has a toilet.

The Babuguuda library had stopped issuing books about a year ago, when its old building was demolished. The library was operating only its periodicals section from a room in the nearby government school.

Lack of space

Librarian A. Suma said that most of the books had been placed on new racks but they were yet to be properly arranged.

There is still a lack of space for new arrivals, which have been temporarily stacked at the entrance. “I hope the Government will send B.Lib. students from the Karnataka Polytechnic Institute for training here. With their help, I will be able to catalogue and arrange the books in about five days,” she said. Eighteen new members were added to the library on the day of the inauguration of the building, taking the total to 1,040. Revika Rao, a resident of Babugudda, has been a member since the library was started.

Her only complaint is that the toilet should have been outside the library, as it would begin to smell, causing inconvenience to readers. Ms Suma said that MLA N. Yogish Bhat, who had granted Rs. 8 lakh from the MLA's fund for the construction, had on the day of inauguration promised to get the toilet connected to the underground drainage.

Another floor

She said that there were plans to add another floor to the building.

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