President of Alva's Education Foundation M. Mohan Alva said on Sunday that it was necessary to expose the youth to the beauty and richness of arts and culture of the country.

He was receiving the “Kala Sarvabhauma” award from Rangabhumi, an organisation promoting theatre, here.

Mr. Alva said globalisation had unleashed western culture in the form of satellite channels and mobile phones and this was responsible for the alienation of youth from their culture.

The younger generation these days did not have a basic idea of the richness of arts and the culture of theatre.

He felt the youth were hence losing out on the knowledge of the heritage of the country.

People should have some knowledge of arts and culture so that they could appreciate finer things around them.

These arts teach human values and morals to people and bring unity in diversity. Theatre played an important role in creating social awareness among people, Mr. Alva said.

The winners of the 31st State-level drama competition held by Rangabhumi a month ago were given awards on the occasion.

Rangabhumi president T. Shivaram Shetty welcomed the gathering. Writer A. Lakshminarayana Alva presided over the function.

Administrative officer of Academy of General Education H. Shantharam, Dewan of Shiroor Math P. Latavya Acharya, businessmen Ranjan Kalkura and U. Vishwanath Shenoy were present.

The function was followed by staging of the play Surya Shikari by Adamya theatre troupe from Bangalore, which won the first prize in the 31st State-level drama competition.

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