More than a dozen creative minds attend a camp at Bala Bhavan

Young painter Rani Rekha from Bangalore has chosen to empathise on her canvas the unfulfilled desires of protagonist, a victim of child marriage, in the Shivaram Karanth’s novel Kanya Bali.

Suresh Chandra Datta from Mudgiere is presenting the state of a character — a man influenced by Mahatma Gandhi philosophy — who has been cheated by people with whom he has worked.

This character is among the many that comes in Shivaram Karanth’s longest novel Oudaryada Urulalli.

These two artists are among the 13 artists attending a camp organised to give an artistic feel to the works of Shivaram Karanth. This three-day camp that began on Saturday was being held at the Bala Bhavan in Puttur, which has been the place where the great writer lived. These paintings will be exhibited at the gallery that was being built in the Bal Bhavan at a cost of Rs. 80 lakh.

The idea of holding a camp of artists was mooted by Chandra Sougandika and Mohan Sona, the two artists, who have been holding art classes at the bhavan for nearly a decade.

“It is an effort to give a new touch to Shivaram Karanth’s works. This attracts artists to this great place,” Mr. Sougandika said. Puttur Assistant Commissioner Prasanna supported the idea, he added.

As a prelude to the camp, an interaction was organised between the 13 artists and well-known writers at the Bal Bhavan three months ago. Among the many who attended the interaction included Kshama Rau, daughter of Shivaram Karanth. Artists then were given the task of presenting Shivaram Karanth’s work during the camp. Senior illustrator Chandrakant was one of the artists who participated in the camp. He has spent his childhood days at the Bal Bhavan.

“We are portraying our feelings on this great man’s works,” said Mr. Chandrakant, who has been given the task of portraying Shivaram Karanth’s novel “Chigurida Kanasu”.

Artist M.S. Murthy, who has been putting literary works on canvas since 1990, was given the task of portraying Shivaram Karanth’s novel “Mai Managala Suliyalli”.

Ramesh Rao will be depicting changes that Karanth brought in the field of Yakshagana.

Mr. Sona will be portraying the novel “Sarasammana Samadi”, while artist Babu Rao from Belgaum will be depicting his feelings on novel “Alida Meele”.

Mr. Prasanna said two more camps of artists would be organised in the next two months.

A set of around 50 paintings would be displayed in the new gallery, which would showcase books of the Jnanpith Award winner and research done on his literature.