Terming the Global Investors Meet being held in Bangalore as “anti-people”, the district working president of AHINDA Lolaksha said here on Thursday that the projects to be undertaken would displace a large number of people, especially farmers.

Mr. Lolaksha demanded that clauses protecting the rights of farmers be incorporated in the memoranda of understanding signed by the Government and investors at the meet.

He said industries that come up should provide jobs to farmers whose lands will be acquired. “If they do not have the skills for jobs at such establishments, the Government should give them necessary training. The Global Investors Meet is not just a question of investment, but also about the rights of farmers,” he said.

He demanded that at least 75 per cent of jobs created by industrial zones should be reserved for local people and this should be one of the conditions incorporated in the MoUs. “We have been fighting for jobs for farmers who have lost lands, but these provisions need to be made at the policy level for them to be effective,” Mr. Lolaksha said.

He demanded that the rehabilitation and resettlement policy of the State Government be revamped to make it more pro-people. He claimed that minorities, backward classes and Dalits were the worst hit when land was acquired.

Stating that Ahinda was not against investment, Mr. Lolaksha said investment should be sought for the benefit of the people of the State and not for the benefit of the investors.

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