The Pilikula Biological Park has an impressive collection of birds. Of the Indian birds, there are black kites (eight), brahminy kite (one), barn owl (two), Indian great horned owl (one), rose-ringed parakeet (16), Alexandrine parakeet (one), Indian peacock (seven), Indian peafowl, according to Jerald Vikram Lobo, Scientific Officer of the park.

The exotic birds are greenwinged macaw (one), blue-gold macaw (one), emu (four), Galah cockatoo (one), citron cockatoo (one), channel-billed toucan (one), African grey (world's best talking parrot) (two), sun conure (one), budgerigars (10 to 15), turkey (four), guinea fowl (eight), cockatiel (eight), pheasants (three, including one each of ring-necked, golden-yellow and Lady Amherst).

The park also has the Congo African grey parrot, which makes up to 100 different calls. In three minutes, this correspondent heard five different calls. The bird lives in the forests of Congo and is kept as a pet. The two birds at the park make various calls, sounds and also imitate the calls of other birds. It is more active when it likes the weather, Mr. Lobo said. Some of the calls it makes are repeated, H.J. Bhandary, Director of the park, said.


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