CAMPUS CALLING Engineer 2012, an annual technical fest organised by National Institute of Technology - Karnataka, invites participants to "think and create."

The average day of the participant may be something like this: the morning may see him or peering over designs or computer codes to ensure their creations fends off the competitions, the afternoon may be engrossed with a conversation with Nobel laureates or eminent scientists, the evening may see the participant geared in battle wear, “knocking” out opponents by tagging them with their laser guns.

Engineer 2012, an annual technical fest organised by National Institute of Technology - Karnataka, invites participants to “think and create.” In its ninth edition, Engineer 2012, as claimed by the organisers, has grown bigger than before to become the second largest technical festival in South India. Till October 28, 83 events are expected to attract around 6,000 students from 55 countries, many enrolling and sending their entries online, said Gopal Mugeraya, Dean of Student’s Welfare.

The technical fest attempts to bring fun back into engineering concepts.

The main attracts though are the video conferencing sessions with eminent scientists of the world. British chemist Harold Walter Kroto, and a Nobel laureate for his study on ‘buckministerfullerenes’, Chris Bangle, an American automobile designer who perfected the designs seen on the BMW cars of today, Edward Tenner, chronicler of technology and culture, and Mathematician Marcus Peter Francis du Sautoy addressed the students through video conference.

Perhaps, it is keeping all this in mind that B.M. Hegde, former Vice Chancellor of Manipal University, said to the students during the inauguration of the event: “For the next four days, keep your mind off of studies and on fun.”

Flames auto expo

'FLAMES', the association of mechanical engineering students of Sahyadri College of Engineering and Management held their maiden auto expo titled “WHEELS 2012” on their college premises on October 19.

The expo was launched by a rally of vintage cars, bikes mopeds, even an auto; while a few superbikes and limited edition cars accompanied their mechanical ancestors. The exposition displayed a variety of modern cars, some even given out for test drives around the campus, while car accessory companies set up stalls at the expo.

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