‘Inspired Quizzing’ brought the differently abled and normal children together

Harshit, a hearing impaired student from SDM Mangalajyothi Integrated School, showcased his acting skills to earn crucial 20 points for his team at a quiz for differently abled children here on Saturday.

In the Charades round, he imitated the walking style of a famous actor and his teammate spelt out the actor’s name unhesitatingly – Aishwarya Rai. The 20 points were necessary for the team to win in the tie-breaker in the finals of quiz competition. Harshit’s schoolmate Satvika, also a hearing impaired, communicated to her teammate Fathima, a student from Infant Jesus Joyland School, the persons on the screen in front of her in the Charade round.

The special children were taking part in the “Inspired Quizzing”, a unique competition for students of private schools, public schools and those with visual and hearing disabilities. Ten teams participated in this event organised jointly by the Mangalore Coast Road Table 190 and Mangalore Ladies Circle 82.

Each team had two students from private schools, one student from a public school, a student who was visually impaired and a student with hearing disability. “The intention of this competition is to build bonds between normal children and the differently abled and remove the barriers,” said Neil Rodrigues, the Chairman of the Mangalore Round Table.

This was the first time the participants were exposed to such a competition. “We had two rounds of preparation with our teammates in the last two weeks,” said the class 10 student Myrial D’souza from Roman and Catherine School for Blind.

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