The travails of a 44-year-old Shashidharan of Kasaragod, who attempted to smuggle in gold by consuming the yellow metal in pellet form, continue. While the doctors have removed 29 of the 30 pieces Shashidharan consumed before he boarded a flight from Dubai to Mangalore, one elusive pellet is still lodged in his small intestine. The Customs officers have taken the 29 pieces of gold — measuring 2cm in length.

Shashidharan’s plan to smuggle in gold was successful when he managed to evade Customs officials at the Mangalore International Airport when he landed on January 31. But his luck ran out when the pellets did not get expelled from his body. Writhing in pain, the Kasaragod resident came to Kasturba Medical Hospital on February 5.

The hospital’s Director Madhusudan Upadhya said Shashidaran told hospital doctors of consuming gold pieces, each weighing about 15 grams. The hospital informed the police, who, in turn informed the Customs officers, Dr. Upadhya said.

Doctors tried every method to make Shashidaran throw up the gold pieces. Finally, on Friday, doctors used endoscope to remove 29 gold pieces. One gold piece was in small intestine and they are expecting the same to come out naturally. The Customs officials have seized the 29 gold pieces, Dr. Upadhya said.

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