The issue of Multi Village Scheme dominated the general body meeting of Udupi Zilla Panchayat in Mangalore on Friday.

Raising the issue, Katapady Shankar Poojary, member, said that 28 proposals under the Multi Village Scheme were lying in cold storage. There were many villages that did not have sources of water. This problem became acute during summers and water had to be supplied through tankers in these areas.

Provision of water for such villages from nearby rivers under the Multi Village Scheme was essential. These 28 proposals had gotten struck in bureaucratic red tape. A delegation from the zilla panchayat should go and meet all ministers concerned and impress upon them the need of clearing these proposals, he said.

Upendra Nayak, president of zilla panchayat, said the Karnataka Coastal Development Authority had done a Preliminary Survey Report on these proposals. The meeting was informed that the 28 proposals had been sent to Bangalore and District In-charge Minister Vinay Kumar Sorake was following the issue.

Diwakar Kundar, member, said the zilla panchayat should seriously consider getting water from the Varahi River to the areas suffering from water scarcity.

Babu Hegde, member, said that the first grade Gram Panchayat secretaries, who had been promoted as Panchayat Development Officers, were not ready to get posted to other places. They were coming up with one or the other excuse to remain in the same place or were getting deputed to places of their own choice, which was wrong, he said.

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