As many as 13 huts were destroyed when a major fire broke out at Radhakrishna Compound in Chitpady here on Friday. However, there was no loss of life.

The fire broke out around 10.25 a.m. By the time fire tenders rushed to the spot, 13 huts were burnt. However, Fire and Emergency Services personnel were successful in preventing the fire from spreading to nearby huts and houses. The reason for fire is not known.

Families of migrant workers from Hundgund and Badami taluks from Bagalkot district lived in the huts built of dry coconut fronds and other soft wood.

Migrant workers living in six huts had left for work when fire broke out, while those in seven huts had gone to their villages. Hence, there was no loss of life.

However, six bicycles, a motorcycle, Rs. 33,000, 16 gm of gold, clothes, utensils, ration cards, and jowar kept in these huts were burnt. The Udupi taluk office has estimated the loss at Rs. 2 lakh.

According to migrant workers, they used to pay rent to the owner of the land, Radhakrishna, for living in the huts there. Most of them worked at construction sites in the city.

Ramappa, a migrant worker, whose hut was burnt, said that he had kept Rs. 30,000 and six gm of gold in his hut. “I was planning to go to my Sabalhunsi village in Badami taluk shortly. Hence, I had kept the money and gold in my hut, ” he added.

Parashurama Sangappa, another migrant worker, said that he worked as a mason at a construction site. “Clothes, jowar, and 2.5 gm of gold were destroyed in fire. I have been living here since 15 years,” he said. Renuka Ramappa, migrant worker, said that she was away at work when the fire broke out.

Huts of Maruti, Ramappa Basavanagowda, Siddappa Yamunappa, Parashuramappa Sangappa, Sidramappa Hanumappa, Shekappa Malappa, Sangappa Malappa, Nagaraja Malappa, Duragavva Chinappa, Yamunappa Chandrappa, Mahantesha Shivappa, Yamunappa H., and Satyavva were destroyed in fire.

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