Office Assistants elated over introduction of trolleys in High Court Bench

The Office Assistants of the Madras High Court Bench here had been virtually shouldering the responsibility of carrying hundreds of case bundles from the court halls to the sections concerned and vice-versa on a daily basis ever since its inauguration eight years ago. But they need not to do it anymore, thanks to the recent introduction of trolleys that have made their work easier.

The job profile of these OAs, as they are often referred to, includes constantly moving around the four-storey administrative building annexed to a two-storey court building spread over a total plinth area of 38,138 square metres. They have to carry the case bundles to the court halls concerned before the start of the day and then taken them back to various departments after closing hours.

All these years, these men had been carrying the heavy bundles on their shoulders. The court staff say that this practice had been in vogue ever since the inauguration of the Principal Seat of the High Court in Chennai 150 years ago.

There, the plinth area was much more because of the many new buildings that were annexed to the old building and the staff had to walk for long distances with the bundles.

“Following the Principal Seat, staff in the Madurai Bench too had been carrying the bundles from one place to another on their shoulders until the idea of using the trolleys struck the officials and was implemented after approval. Now, it becomes easier to take the bundles from one place to another and the required manpower too has come down,” a court official seeking anonymity said.

The trolleys also fit well inside the elevators and hence there were no issues even with commuting between different storeys of the building. “It has taken this many years to implement such a simple but effective idea. But we are only thankful that it has been implemented at least now,” he added.

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