Collector Anshul Mishra, on Wednesday, launched “variety rice scheme” for children studying in government-run schools in Madurai.

After serving the food to the children at a noon meal centre in Thirumogur near here, he said that the government had trained cooks to prepare variety rice items a couple of months ago.

A chef from Chennai had prepared the daily menu comprising different variety rice, which would not only be tasty, but also nutritious.

Eggs were being served to the children five days a week since September 2010.

In Madurai district, 1,440 noon meal centres serve 1,81,798 children. District Social Welfare Officer Amudhavalli and other local body representatives were present.

Manu Neethi Naal

The Collector received petitions from the public at Rajakkoor in the east panchayat union, as a part of “Manu Neethi Naal,” and distributed welfare assistance worth Rs. 94,000, according to a press release.

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