A second flood warning was issued on Thursday to people living along the banks of Vaigai river in five southern districts of Tamil Nadu as the water level in the Vaigai Dam touched 68.50 feet against its maximum of 71 feet.

Officials, quoting readings taken this morning, said the inflow into the dam was 2,285 cusecs and the discharge 1,260 cusecs though monsoon rains had abated in catchment areas.

The second flood warning asked people living along the banks of the river in Madurai, Theni, Dindigul, Ramanathapuram and Sivaganga districts to move to safer places.

The first alert was issued on November 9 when the water level touched the 65 feet mark.

The Periyar Dam water level stood at 132.90 feet against its maximum of 136 feet with an inflow 2,649 cusecs and an outflow of 1,418 cusecs.

Various parts of Tamil Nadu have been receiving heavy rains since the past week under the influence of the North East monsoon.

Madurai received 64 mm of rainfall last night.


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