The city police arrested three women involved in illegal sale of an infant. They were identified as M. Sarada (65) of Meenakshipuram, N. Pandiammal (43) of Obulapadithurai and G. Arumugam (45) of Azhwarpuram.

Police said that the women had lured M. Kaliswari (47) of Mathichayam into selling her third child, which was born in Government Rajaji Hospital on April 2. Promising to pay her Rs. 2.50 lakh, they took the male infant after paying an advance of Rs. 50,000.

However, when the balance money was not paid, she complained to the police, following which the trio were arrested. The baby was recovered from an issueless couple who had bought it from the women brokers.

Man found dead

A 45-year-old man, P. Murugesan, of Sonaikoil Street at Madakulam, was found dead with multiple injuries in the nearby farmland on Sunday morning.

Police said that Murugesan, a road worker, did not return after he left home on Saturday evening. Sunday morning, local people found him in the deserted area near Roja Nagar. The S. S. Colony police are investigating.

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