More conservancy workers needed on Ellis Nagar stretch

The road leading to Ellis Nagar – By Pass Road near Periyar bus stand is one stretch, which motorist may avoid, at least for some days.

There are two reasons, according to the locals. One, the tourists, from far and near visiting Meenakshi Temple, are parking their vehicles in a haphazard manner along this stretch giving very little carriage space for movement.

Two, the closure of the Mayor Muthu Bridge for vehicular traffic for one-week (Monday to Friday) due to repair works being undertaken by the authorities has resulted in a mess as all vehicles – small and big - are diverted to take the Ellis Nagar stretch to reach Palanganatham, Kalavasal and other locations.

Though this is just a ‘second’ season, as for Ayyappa devotees are concerned, lack of planning and coordination among the various government agencies and the temple administration seems to be the reason for the mess.

According to reliable sources, the police were intimated well in advance about the repair works to be undertaken on the Muthu Bridge in two phases. For their part, the traffic police too announced about the temporary diversion plans.

But, what went for a toss is the very selection of Ellis Nagar for parking vehicles of Ayyappa devotees, who hired share autos and other transports from this point to visit the Meenakshi Temple and back.

Poor planning for the parking of tourist vehicles led to chaos. This has literally made the stretch a dumping ground as many devotees are using the road sides as make-shift urinals and are dumping food packets/plates and empty plastic cups. Many road side ‘çafes’ too have sprung up and food is being served in the open place.

At a time, when the district administration, the Corporation authorities and Health and Family Welfare Department are making tall claims about the pro-active steps being taken to keep the environment clean, a visit to Ellis Nagar may give a different impression about the claims, according to residents here.

The Corporation authorities has ‘ignored’ our locality, a retired government official, who is a long time resident of Ellis Nagar fumed. Already the little rains have battered the roads and the stretch now looks non-motorable.


With the closure of Mayor Muthu Bridge, vehicles opting to pass through that are diverted to take Ellis Nagar. This has only added to the confusion, motorists say.

At least, on a temporary scale, the traffic police can examine modalities to make the stretch one-way and ban all heavy vehicles/four-wheelers from entering Ellis Nagar stretch from by-pass end and instead take Kalavasal junction. A senior traffic police officer said, it would be circuitous, but assured to consider on Tuesday after studying the spot.

As a permanent parking space for tourist vehicles, the authorities can consider the open space beyond Kochadai or examine the possibilities of play grounds in the city.

A coordinated effort from the officials would be welcome by motorists and particularly the Ellis Nagar residents.


Civic officials blamed for traffic jamsDecember 1, 2012

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