Corporate world is not protected like an academic world; it's a highly competitive environment and every individual has to prepare every day to keep pace with the changes and cannot afford to take a chance, according to N.Chandrasekaran, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Tata Consultancy Services.

Addressing the 52nd College Day celebrations at Thiagarajar College of Engineering here on Saturday, he gave a three-pronged approach for students to follow in life to become successful.

He asked the students to consider the following aspects; firstly retain the habit of reading and it need not necessarily be subjects but material related to your work and about the work as it gives an update about the changes that happen in the relative subjects. Secondly try to build a career based on ethics and values and lead a disciplined life as it is important to identify the grey areas and stay away from them as we go up in the career ladder. Third most important aspect is to inculcate team spirit and contribute to the holistic growth of the team. Individual performances matter at a base level but in the corporate world it has to be team's success.

Article cited

He also cited an article where it was analysed why India does better in individual sports rather than team sports.

Team work is important in today's highly competitive world, Indian economy did not face recession it was just a dip in the growth levels.

“We during the coming decades have a potential to grow at 10 per cent. So team work could only contribute to its success,” he said.

Special relationship

TCS has a special relationship with TCE and we hope to intensify our interaction not only in areas related to recruitment but also in research related activities, he concluded.

At a time when many nations were battered by the global meltdown, India through its resilience, has come out well and has fast emerged stronger, cleaner and taller, said Karumuttu T. Kannan, Chairman and Correspondent, TCE.

V.Abhai Kumar presented the annual report and said that over the years two thousand students had become part of TCS and it had been an eventful year for TCE as it had the privilege of hosting a Nobel laureate Eric A. Cornell.

Best outgoing students, achievers in sports, NCC, NSS were given medals and certificates.

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